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Arial_sig This is the main page for all of my links pages. I have quite a few pages under here to go through. So I ask your patience while I go through this site and make sure all links are valid.

Within these pages you will find my fiber arts links, crafting links, and my new graphics links. The fiber arts links are mostly the tatting arts links and my personal webpage albums of items that I have done. The crafting links are mostly kid friendly links and papercrafts that I gathered at a time when my own kids were still young. The graphics links will include Apophysis (fractal mathematics) links and 3d graphic arts links and new albums of pieces that I have created in these new artforms.

I want to thank everyone who has dropped by and visited my site over the years. I hope to keep providing you with more resources and interesting items in the future.

The far right column will continue to contain the same general links as on the front page of the website. This is to always provide you with a link back to my main page. I do ask that if you plan on linking to my site that you link to the main page as I can not guarantee that I will always keep the subpages with the same name in future updates to my website.

Arial Fae

Craft Links This is the first of two pages of crafting links. There are many good links here but I will need to go thorugh them and figure out just which ones are still active.

Craft Links Part 2 Here is the second of two pages. Again I will need to work on this page to make sure that the links are active here too.

Clip Art Links Need graphics? You will find many links within this page to many sites that have free graphics. I need to work on these links as well and would like to add some new ones that I have come across.

Kid Safe Links This is the first of three pages of kid friendly links. I need to go through and make sure that they are still active but your kids will find plenty of simple home crafts that will keep them occupied when they can not get out of the house otherwise.

Kid Safe Links Page 2 Here is the second page of links for kids. They should be able to find plenty to do within these pages.

Kid Safe Links Page 3 Here is the last of the three pages of kids links. Hope you kids enjoy this as much as mind did when they were little.

Rubber Stamping Links At one time I absolutely loved to play with rubber stamping. Now I am not playing so much but I have a huge collection that I get out and play with from time to time. Here you will find some really good resources.

Font Links Looking for fonts? Here are several sites where you will find almost any type of font that you are looking for.

Sayings & Quotation Links Looking for the right quote? Within this page you will find all sorts of sites containing quotes from poets, famous people or just something for the everyday.

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author I am a computer programmer by training and spent many years programming in COBOL and JCL. In more recent years, I have spent much time learning how to build and design websites for all kinds of applications. As I have grown this website has also undergone many changes as well. Since being laid off from my last job, I have begun working on developing my graphic skills. For many years I played around with 2d graphics and photography using Photoshop in that work. I am now venturing into the realm of 3d and using both Poser and DAZ Studio in that venture. I am hoping that I can develop some 3d graphics suitable for use in digital scrapbooking as well as creating printable works of art for display on a room wall.