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Arial_sig This page will contain links to my tatting albums for projects that I have completed. They also containt links to many other tatting sites around the net. Warning, the album pages make take a little time to load. Please be patient. Enjoy!

I want to thank everyone who has dropped by and visited my site over the years. I hope to keep providing you with more resources and interesting items in the future.

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Arial Fae

Many of the items in these albums are tatted from patterns either found on the internet or in any book that I could get my hands on. I was a self-taught tatter without anyone in my local area to teach me just what a "flip" was or how the stitches should look.

Tatted Eggs Album These are special eggs that are covered in tatting. These are some of my earliest works and are done in a rather thick thread. I am hoping to someday redo some of these items into a more refined look with much smaller threads.

Tatted Doily Album These are doilies that I tatted from various patterns both in books and around the internet. Several of them were given to friends and family but I still have a few items and hope to recreate a few of the ones that were given away. There are a mixture of threads from my early work with thick threads to more recent threads with the much finer threads that were common among the early tatted works.

Tatted Exchange Album Items in this album are some that I made for exchanges or some that were given to me. There is nothing like seeing the work of another tatter close up. I would encourage any tatter to participate in an exchange just to experience the joy of holding someone else's work. These exchanges encourage you to take a closer look at your own work and make improvements.

Tatted Flower Album In this album you will find some of the most unusual tattig that can be found. From all of the books that I have, some of the most beautiful tatting is not the flat doily or lace tatting but the floral tatting used in bouquets and other arrangements.

Tatted Snowflake Album I have place my tatted snowflakes in this album. These are some of the most unusual types of tatting that you will see. No two flakes look alike and the patterns available also vary in look and technique. Most of these snowflakes have ended up on my Christmas tree at one time or another.

Tatted Projects Album Okay, these album is a place for me to show off some of the more varying types of tatting that I have done. Tatting is not just doilies and snowflakes but can be used for many other items as well.

Other Tatting Links Now that you have looked through my albums, here are some links to many other examples of tatting that you will find interesting. I have tried to include some of the more popular sites and those that contain patterns and supplies to get you started tatting.

Tatting Newsletters There are very few published magazines or newsletters out there for tatting. This is a listing of those that I could find.

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